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RMS Technology Co., LTD  was founded in October 1999, centering around engineers that possessed many years of field experience and of experiments and analysis, with a motive to provide a ¡®comprehensive dynamic design Technology on the vibrations of structures and utilities.

In order to provide the technology that can control the sub-micro vibrations of semiconductor and ultra precision industries to our customers, RMS Technology Co., LTD has exclusively secured a vibration controlling technology called ¡®Semi-Empirical Method,¡¯ in which experimental and analytical technology are flexibly combined. We have been the first domestic company to perform structural designs that extend from the basis of giga class semiconductor industries, which requires sub-micro level vibration criteria, to utility vibration-absorbing system designs. Using such technology as the basis, not only have we diversified our field applications (such as predictions and solutions for the vibrations of vehicles and subways, solutions for the chip mount impulsive vibrations, quake-proof designs for buildings and tunnels, dynamic safety examinations of building structures, and explosion-proof designs for special constructions), we have also strengthened the credibility of our achievements.

The entire staff of RMS Technology Co., LTD promises ceaseless efforts to secure and to provide the ¡®comprehensive dynamic design technology on the vibrations of structures and utilities¡¯ to our customers and wishes for your continuous support and attention.